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Election: Thank-You

Across Elmbridge and much of the country on Thursday's local elections, there was a surge in LibDem support and Walton Central was no exception. The result was Liberal Democrats 1028, the Walton Society 926, Conservatives 510 and Labour 138. The turnout was 42.2%. I congratulate Gregor MacGregor on his victory.

I'd like to thank all those who supported me and The Walton Society. I'm sorry we were unable to win this time. I strongly believe our local politics should remain local and not merely reflect the national mood of the moment. The Walton Society will continue working for our town as we've been doing since 1975.

I enjoyed the conversations I had with hundreds of residents over the last month or so. We have a lot of people in Walton passionate about this town and wanting to improve it, and who felt party politics should be kept out of local politics. If you feel like that, please do get in touch and join The Walton Society.

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