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Oatlands Drive planning refusal

At the Elmbridge Planning Committee meeting on 14 November, Councillors refused planning permission for 33 flats at 16-18 Oatlands Drive. They did so for two reasons:

  1. The proposed development, by reason of its mass and scale would be out of keeping and detrimental to the character of the area when viewed from both Oatlands Drive and the Engine River in conflict with Policy DM2 of the Development Management Plan 2015 and the NPPF.

  2. The proposed development fails to enhance the existing landscape or integrate with the surrounding Cowey Sale and Engine River, in conflict with Policy DM6 of the Development Management Plan 2015.

The Walton Society is pleased with this refusal, following soon after the refusal by the Planning Inspectorate for 27 flats at 4-6 Oatlands Drive. We have always stood for protecting the character of our area. These proposals for this stretch of Oatlands Drive would have had a negative effect on the road and our town. We will continue to monitor any applications or appeals for Oatlands Drive.

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