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Surrey's High Street Consultation

Residents will remember in April when Surrey County Council felled trees outside the Heart entrance on the High Street. Quick action by residents and Walton Society Councillor Chris Sadler stopped work to the trees opposite outside Boots. We have been clear since then the trees need replacing and there should be more greenery across the town centre.

The County Council is now running a consultation entitled 'Walton High Street Pedestrian Safety Improvements'. This can be found here: Aside from attempting to defend the tree felling, with arguments The Walton Society finds dubious, it restates Surrey's plan to move the pedestrian crossing from outside Cafe Nero to outside the Heart instead. This new crossing will be "on a raised road table which provides level access as well as encouraging lower traffic speeds". The plans include some new planters which might include trees. The website gives plans for where these planters could be located. The Walton Society supports any proposal for more trees and planting in our town and we want to ensure the County Council does include trees in this plan.

The consultation closes on 15 December. We encourage all residents to have their say.

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