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Election Message from Andrew Kelly

Dear Neighbour,

I have enjoyed speaking with hundreds of residents over the last month and my thanks to all those that have taken the time to let me know their local concerns. Three issues have come up the most on the doorstep and this is how I plan to deal with them:

· Our town centre: The state of our town centre and the high number of empty units is a major concern. As shopping habits change, we need to ensure Walton is an attractive place to visit with a diverse range of amenities. If elected, I will work with the Walton Business Improvement District team and the Council to revitalise our town centre.

· Potholes: Many of our local roads and pavements are in an atrocious state. Conservative-run Surrey County Council are responsible for highways and we deserve better from them. If elected, I will pressure Surrey for improvements and highlight the areas most in need of work.

· High Street trees: We were all dismayed by Surrey County Council’s recent felling of four trees on the High Street. Walton Society Councillor Chris Sadler, the Leader of Elmbridge Borough Council, immediately contacted the Leader of Surrey County Council to demand this work was stopped. Quick action by Chris and local residents managed to save the two trees on the other side of the High Street. If elected, I will campaign for replacement trees on our High Street.

On Thursday you will decide who represents you on Elmbridge Borough Council for the next four years. I am asking for your support as The Walton Society candidate. The Walton Society has had continuous and effective representation on Elmbridge Borough Council for 43 years. Elections in Walton Central are normally close between The Walton Society and the Conservatives; neither the LibDems or Labour have ever come close to winning this ward. Whilst the national parties want to turn our local elections into a referendum on the Government and our MP, we believe they should be fought on local issues. Walton Society Councillors are Walton residents who work for our town all year round. We are concerned with local services, local issues and the local environment. However you vote nationally, we work for you locally.

I’m a Sidney Road resident and I have lived in Walton all my life. I have 11 years previous experience as a Walton Councillor and I am deeply committed to doing my best for our town. Please use your vote on Thursday to elect a hard-working, independent voice to Elmbridge Borough Council.

Andrew Kelly

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