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Cllr Graham Woolgar - Standing Down

I am sorry to say that I will standing down from being an Elmbridge Councillor when the election takes place on 4 May. My health has not been very good over the last couple of years, and beginning a new four-year term this year would not be a very sensible thing to do. I very much regret leaving the Council. Being a councillor is a very worthwhile job and it has been an honour to represent Walton Central residents since I was elected in 2016. I thank you for giving me the opportunity. I would also like to thank my Walton Central colleagues for their support, especially Chris Sadler who has the additional responsibility of being Council Leader, and my wife for putting up with all the time I have spent on Council business.

There is always more to do and the scope of councillors’ involvement and understanding becomes more complex every year. Consequently, I am glad that the Society has found an excellent candidate to stand in my stead in the person of Andrew Kelly. I have known Andrew for a long time, and I know he will make a very good Residents’ Councillor. His previous experience will allow him to “hit the ground running”. An overused phrase, but true in this case. The Walton Society is very pleased that he is to stand as our new candidate.

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